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What is Google Analytics?

Every website need to tracked for its performance in terms of number of visitors, page views, bounce rate, demographic of visitors and many more. Google analytics is free web analytics tool offered by Google. It tracks website traffic and provide a better understanding of traffic.

Google analytics comes in two versions

  • Google analytics free version
  • Google analytics 360 for enterprise users

How to sign up/set up Google analytics?

  1. Navigate to website https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/provision/?authuser=1#provision/SignUp/
  2. For new user sign up, click on sign up button available at right hand side of website
  3. Once click on the sign up, following page will appear

4. The form will ask for following questions

  • What would you like to track- Website or Mobile App? (Select website if need to a site)
  • It will ask for tracking Method -This property works using Universal Analytics. Click Get Tracking ID and implement the Universal Analytics tracking code snippet to complete your set up.
  • Give an account name (An account can have 50 properties). An Account can track more than one tracking ID.
  • Give a name for setting up a property
  • Enter website name to tracked.
  • Enter a Website URL (Example: http://www.example.com)
  • Select an industry type from the dropdown (example: Healthcare/Education etc.)
  • Select a Reporting Time Zone (Example -United States (GMT-07:00) Pacific Time)
  • Once all the above details are filled than click on Get Tracking ID.
  • The following screen will appear with a tracking code

5.Copy the tracking code and paste this first item into theof every web page that you want to track. Once this is done, it will take few hours to see the data in the analytics home page.

Once tracking starts the following screen will be visible to its user.

In the above page, the number of user visited the site available, bounce rate, number of sessions are available. This page also contains some specifics like “where do visitors live” when do they visits” etc. Information are available.