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What is SmartLook?


SmartLook is a visitor recording tool that allows website owners to understand behavior of their visitors by video recording each website visit.

This tool is a web analytics tool similar to Google Analytics and Omniture but with some awesome features such as Screen recordings, heat map, event and funnels

Some of the features are as follow

  1. Visitor Video recording
  • Recording: Watch real video recordings of your users’ sessions to see how they interact with your website. These replays help reveal errors and show areas for improvement. You can watch mouse movement, clicks, and form interactions to understand customer experience.
  • Knowing your customers: Identifying your customers by their email, name, account ID, or any other info stored in your own database can help you solve — or even prevent — issues. With API, find specific user sessions and prevent customers from leaving.
  • Sharing with team: Identifying bad UX on your website? Just by sharing the recording with the error to UX team or developer. Save everyone’s time and energy, and deliver a better product to customer.
  • Error in console: Making coder’s life easier with build in JS console that show error details in visitor’s browser.
  1. Heat Map
  • Check where visitors click on your page and how much. Alternatively, discover where users aren’t clicking, and make better use of that space. With click heatmaps, you’ll get great UX insights.
  • Where and how your user moves their mouse can identify their frustrations. Are visitors randomly moving their cursors all over your page? Something could be distracting them. Is there a high density of hovering over just one small area? They could be looking for more info. Adjust accordingly.
  • You’ll find out how many people scroll all the way to the bottom of your page and where most people stop reading. This helps you reconsider the placement of certain elements on your page — you might want to move more important elements higher up.
  1. Event Tracking
    • From the start you add SmartLook to your website, all events are automatically tracked without the need to change your code. Thanks to the Event Picker, all you need to do is choose which elements you want info for, and you’ll have the data immediately.
    • Event tracking gives you data about what you need to know — for example, how (and how often) your users are working with a feature — so you can make smarter decisions to build a better product.
  2. Funnel
    • Add events in each funnel step and get detailed statistics about conversion paths. For example, when you add a new upsell window, you can see how users react to it and whether it leads to a conversion.