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What is testing?

Testing is the process of verifying any applications/software program/system that its comply the user’s requirement or works according the end user’s need is called Software Testing

 It is the process of validating/verifying a system with the purpose of identifying errors, defects, gaps or missing requirements. It is verified against the raised requirements during the project initial stage.

It should be started as soon as possible to reduce the risk and cost associated with the defect fixing. In SDLC, testing can be started from the Requirements Gathering stage and continued till the software goes live. It also depends on the development model that is being used.

An application/system can’t be 100% defect free. So, when to stop testing is quite difficult question to answer but if the risk associated with any system is covered and checked. When the probability of going something wrong is very minimal then we can stop testing it further.

What are types of testing?

There are two type of testing depends on how it is being done:

  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing

Manual Testing

The process of identifying error or defect without using any automation tool is called manual testing. The tester executes the test cases manually without interference of any tools.

There are several phases for manual testing such as unit testing, system integration testing(SIT), system testing, and user acceptance testing(UAT).

Software tester use test plans, test cases/test scenarios to test an application or System under test to ensure the completeness of testing. Manual testing also includes exploratory testing, as testers explore the software to identify potential errors in it.

Automation Testing

The process of identifying error or defects using an automation tools such as selenium, test-complete etc. are called as Automaton Testing

Automation testing proves helpful in the following situations:

  • Large project
  • Less change in requirement
  • Stable application as per manual testing
  • Testing of same areas frequently in an application

The following are the few automation tool available in market and high in demand:

  • Selenium
  • QTP
  • Ranorex